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About Me

  • Age: 20 years old Etnicity: Caucasian
  • Hair: Black Eyes: Hazel
  • Weight: 95 pounds Height: 5'3 feet
  • Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
  • Favorite sex position: doggy style
  • Favorite Colors: red and black
  • Favorite lingerie or clothes: Spaghetti tops and mini skirts

Favorite Music:: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rihanna

Hobbies: exotic dancing (but nope, I never ever worked as a pro stripper), going to the movies, traveling the world

turn-on:Threesome sex is my main turn-on ...I`m also totally addicted to oral sex with both boys and girls. The way I tickle clits and big dicks with my little tongue never fails to make my partners go ecstatic. And I love receiving oral too, of course.

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