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About Me

  • Age: 18 years old Etnicity: Caucasian
  • Hair: Dark brown Eyes: Gray
  • Weight: 95 pounds Height: 5'4 feet
  • Sexual Preference: Bi-Sexual
  • Favorite Colors: green and red
  • Favorite lingerie or clothes: Spaghetti tops and mini skirts
  • Favorite Music: RnB, Pop

Favorite sex position: I like trying exciting things like the merry go round position!

Hobbies: I like spending time listening to my favorite songs in the radio and spending some time at the club with my girl friends - partying all night long!

Does your family know what you do? Nope. They'd totally be against me doing something like this, although I'm having fun.

turn-on:A guy that knows how to dance in the club can really sweep m of my feet.

Favorite Food: I love spicy and Asian cuisines. I'll surely dig in if there's Asian or spicy food served.

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