Aww, so great you could make it here! The name is Ella, I'm 18yo and I have no idea how totally excited I am about being a model. I just love being in front of the camera, you know. I imagine men watching me through this camera and I get oh so very sensual. I'm quite a bit of an exhibitionist. I like showing off what I have. In fact, I used to be in these body art shows and someone told me I should have a site. Here we are! Anyway, my site is loaded with high quality photos, HD videos and more. Not just pro stuff, I also take pics of myself on my iPhone! Get in and have fun!

About Me

  • Age: 19 years old Etnicity: Caucasian
  • Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown
  • Weight: 116 pounds Height: 5'9 feet
  • Sexual Preference: Bi-curious
  • Favorite Colors: purple and green
  • Favorite Clothes: Minis, super tight jeans, very high heels, white t shirts with no bra!
  • Favorite Music: Instrumental

Favorite sex position: Sex on the counter top or table is my favorite. Why limit sex to the bed when you can do it everywhere in the house on top of the furniture.

Hobbies: Dancing (my job and my hobby), movies, cycling, making cupcakes, fashion

Perfect day:Some nature, some great food, some shopping and cuddling.

Fantasy: Threesomes, watching porn as we do it, getting real wild!

Favorite Food: Mexican, Italian, yay for ice cream sandwiches!

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